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Alarm Disc Lock  Introduction

We keep pushing ourselves to think and design more new products or new functions that are more user-friendly. They are obviously shown in the series of Disc Lock with Alarm. Ultra strong body and key barrel with over 120dB piercing alarm voice make Kovix disc lock being a strong and smart tool to protect your motorbike. USB rechargeable battery system with Li-ion battery is saving up not only YOUR money, but also OUR environment. The introduction of our new intelligent function - On/Off alarm selection is one of the major features of this new generation of our products.
    1. 120dB strong alarm sound
    2.  With the function of 
    "No on-off switch" optimizing the integration of the lock
    1. Li-ion Battery saving up not only money, but also environment
    2. High quality Li-ion battery enables our products performing more efficent
    3. Built-in IC Charge and discharge protection circuit system enhances its 
    stabilization and reliability
    1. A new breakthrough design of Rechargeable Battery System for for motorycycle disc locks
    2. Save your money, save our environment
    3. Plug and charge by using micoUSB cable
    4. Compatible with PC USB port and common mobile power adapters
    1. Using high capacity of 900mAh CR2 battery
    2. Longer battery life, normally can last for 8-10 months after every time of fully charge up
    On/Off alarm selection is one of our intelligent function for this generation of our products. There are 3 different ways of activating the alarm selection:

    1. Twist selection 
    To twist the key barrel two times in 5 seconds could turn off the alarm whenever you want to lock without alarm
    2. Push-down selection - To double pressing the key barrel in 5 seconds before pushing it down fully. To push down the key barrel half way down in the first time and hear the sound of "D", then push it down fully in the second time
    3. Insert selectionTwice insertions the lock to your motorcycle disc in 5 seconds, the alarm function is off
    1. Anti-rust technology for metal surface using
    2. Powercast with at least two layers painting treatment significantly extending the time of rust prevention
    Double Locking Pin System with stainless steel key barrel greatly enhancing the resistance from attack by saw, screw driver and hammer

    1. Using high quality of 304 stainless steel
    2. Not only lock bodies, but also key barrels are using high grade stainless steel to build up
    3. High protection from rust 
     and attack by screw driver and saw
    1. There are few different sizes of locking pin for different customers' requirements, such as 5mm, 6mm, 10mm & 14mm
    2. Locking pin size is obviously shown from its model name, like KD6 which comes with 6mm pin
    Note that the pin can pass through ANY hole on the brake disc